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“Here now”

My friend Phoebe Wahl has convinced me to join her in an effort to draw one Harry Potter character every day until we run out…which basically means I’ll be drawing a Harry Potter character every day until I’m eligible to receive Social Security checks. This first #hpaday is Hedwig, of course.
Tomorrow’s character’s name starts with an “L.” Can you guess who it is?

ionthrust totalfark (UltraFark)
'Space Oddity' lyricsGround Control to Major Tom Ground Control to Major TomTake your protein pills and put your helmet on …

London Loop
I spotted this fun motion graphic over on Herbert Frost’s blog, who translated the German calligraphy notes that I posted yesterday (thanks again Herbert!)
The above animation, by Al Boardman, is part of a longer 100 second film called ‘8 Great things to do in London’. The British designer’s blog is full of cool little animations, some for fun, some part of wider projects.
What is equally impressive is his achievements as a rock climber and mountaineer:

Al has summitted several previously unclimbed mountains. One of which is in Central Asia and, in an interview with the BBC, revealed that he was naming the peak after his grandmother. The rest of Al’s family are still waiting for him to make more first ascents and to name the peaks after them, which is awkward.

Robert Redford. 

Spring cleaning in the Great Hall, Louvre Museum, Paris. Pierre Jahan, 1947

pussiesonparade: ”Aslan” Selçuk Yilmaz Istanbul, Turkey #1082

Ornithorhynchus anatinus

Embroidery by Chloe Giordano.